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If you’ve been in a collision, you want to know your vehicle is in good hands during the repair process. If you’re searching around Indianapolis, IN, for a repair center to get your car up and running again, come see how our Honda body shop team at Andy Mohr Collision Center can assist you.

Our technicians are experts in their field, utilizing top-quality parts to ensure a trusted repair every time.

Honda Service Mechanic

Our Body Shop Experts

Our technicians boast years of experience working with various Honda models, and will take the time to get your car in great condition again. We’ll also perform your services in a timely manner, so you don’t have to be without your car for long.

You can also schedule a free estimate with us to get a better idea of the repairs needed on your Honda. We offer fair estimates, so you can feel confident you’ll be in good hands.

The Benefits of Genuine Honda Parts

One of the ways our Honda body shop ensures high-quality repairs to our Indianapolis, IN, friends is through our use of genuine OEM components. There are many ways these parts can benefit you, some of which include:

The Proper Fit

Standing for original equipment manufacturer, OEM parts are built to match the specific components used in your Honda. Therefore, you can rest assured the proper part is being used in repairs.

Guaranteed Quality

Since these parts are made specifically for your vehicle, you can expect a higher-quality part built by the same manufacturer you trusted to buy your car from.

Stay Within Your Warranty

These Honda parts will ensure your warranty stays intact. If you’re leasing your car or are still within your warranty, you’ll want to make sure OEM components are being used in every repair.

OEM Parts

Better Longevity

These components are also built to withstand more extreme conditions, leading them to last longer on the open road. If you want peace of mind behind the wheel of your Honda, you’ll want these parts in your car.

Enhanced Performance

The proper fit on your car can help enhance its performance. An improper fit can affect acceleration or aerodynamics, so it’s a good idea to have OEM parts outfitted on your ride.

Increased Efficiency

Better performance often leads to increased efficiency, since your Honda won’t have to perform harder to compensate for improperly fitting parts.

Start Exploring Indianapolis Indiana Again

If you live in Indianapolis, IN, then you know this area is well known for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. As the world’s largest auto racetrack, this destination is a hotspot for both locals and tourists. If you long to bring the excitement of the racetrack into your daily life, then you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is in peak condition.

Following a collision, make sure to visit our Honda body shop to get back on the roads of Indianapolis, IN, quickly!

Visit Our Honda Body Shop near Indianapolis IN Today!

If you’re searching for a Honda body shop near Indianapolis, Indiana, give us a call or schedule an appointment at Andy Mohr Collision Center today to get started!

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