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Frame Straightening near Plainfield IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

If you are involved in an incident, you want to have your vehicle fixed right away. Any damage to your frame should be addressed to allow your vehicle to function properly. Here at Andy Mohr Collision, we can help you get your vehicle back into quality condition.

We are proud to offer frame straightening near Plainfield, IN, and provide you with the resources needed to make your vehicle look good as new again. Continue reading to learn more about this process and how we can help.

What is Frame Straightening?

Frame Repair

Frame straightening is the method of collision repair that helps repair the frame of your vehicle. By straightening the frame, you ensure that everything is properly aligned and strong enough to withstand potential impact in the future.

When your vehicle is straightened and aligned properly, it helps all of the essential parts of your vehicle function properly and keeps you moving in a straight line as opposed to any drifting that can occur with a vehicle that is not aligned.

If you have any questions about this type of repair, you can always speak with one of our experts.

When Should I Get Frame Straightening?

Not every collision will do significant damage to your vehicle. You may be wondering what extent of damage there should be before you get your vehicle frame straightened.

Any damage that occurs on your vehicle that pushes the frame out of alignment will require frame straightening. A collision to the front of your vehicle could cause the frame to twist or sag. If your vehicle is damaged at the corner or the side, sway damage is also possible.

After any accident or collision, you want to have your vehicle checked to make sure the frame is properly aligned. Even a minor accident can require this process, even if there is not noticeable damage to the frame of the vehicle.

How Does Frame Straightening Work?

Frame Straightening

When you have your vehicle’s frame straightened, a machine designed for this procedure will help get the vehicle elevated. Using technology to determine the extent of the damage, technicians will prepare for what is needed, get the vehicle secured, then use tension posts to pull the frame back into alignment.

The strength and power of these posts allows for the vehicle’s frame to be returned to its original structure and can get your vehicle back in the condition you want.

Visit Us Today

Now that you know more about the process of frame straightening and why it is important, it’s time for you to come to see us here at Andy Mohr Collision. An accident or collision is unfortunate, but know that we have the resources needed to get your vehicle back on the road in quality condition so you can enjoy it for years to come.

We are proud to offer frame straightening near Plainfield, Indiana, among our many collision repair services. Contact us to get more details about this process or bring your vehicle to our trusted team for your repairs. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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