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Frame Straightening Martinsville IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

After an accident, you’ll want to ensure that you and your vehicle are taken care of, because your wellbeing is of the utmost importance. Frame straightening is worth looking into after a collision because even a simple fender bender could result in a bent frame.

The team at Andy Mohr Collision Centers is here to help you after an auto accident. We offer frame straightening near Martinsville, Indiana, as well as other collision repair services, so you can get your peace of mind back.

The Importance of Your Car’s Frame

Frame Straightening Martinsville IN

Perhaps someone hit your bumper in the shopping mall parking lot, or another parent backed into you in the carpool lane. If another car hits yours, even at low speeds, frame straightening might be necessary.

The force of an impact could be strong enough to damage the frame of your car, causing it to become bent. The frame shapes your car and shields your passengers, making it a vital structural element. Not only will frame straightening improve your car’s looks, but it also ensures that the body structure can protect you and your cargo.

Collision centers like ours have diagnostic equipment to examine your auto’s frame and see the extent of the impact. Technicians use sensors to identify your vehicle’s needs and bend the frame back into shape. In the event of a serious accident, parts of your frame may be cut and replaced.

Post-accident frame damage is serious, but in many cases, it’s repairable.

Signs Your Car Needs Frame Straightening

Frame Straightening Martinsville IN

After a collision, you might be wondering if your vehicle needs frame straightening. There are multiple signs you can look out for, such as:

  • Change in vehicle fit: After an accident, you might notice that your car hood doesn’t close as it used to, or that there’s an unusual gap when your car doors are supposed to be shut. A misaligned frame will cause other car components to fall out of alignment.
  • Doors squeaking: Frame misalignment may cause the doors, trunk, or hood to make odd noises, indicating damage.
  • Car drifting to one side: Frame misalignment causes your wheels to favor one side or the other, even when you’re not turning the steering wheel. If you notice that your car is suddenly drifting left or right, call for an estimate.

Other signs of frame misalignment include visual changes to your car’s body structure or a squealing noise coming from the engine. If you’ve recently been in an accident, getting your car looked at can confirm it’s still safe to drive, so make sure to schedule an estimate if you notice these telltale signs.

Frame Straightening Martinsville IN

Trust Our Collision Centers

Our collision centers are here for you in your time of need, so don’t hesitate to visit us for frame straightening near Martinsville, IN. We have the advanced equipment necessary for the procedure and diagnostics. Our ASE-certified technicians are highly qualified to repair many makes and models, so you can turn to us no matter what car you drive.

We also believe transparency is important, so we’ll explain our process to you, giving you a complete understanding of the road ahead. To schedule your appointment, you can contact us or use our online form.

Schedule Your Frame Straightening Estimate near Martinsville IN Today!

At Andy Mohr Collision Centers, we want to help you with your frame straightening near Martinsville, IN. Our technicians will perform the necessary post-collision services, so you can feel safe on the roads again. Call us or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment today. 

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