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Frame Straightening near Indianapolis IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Were you recently involved in a collision that left your hood, bumper, or side door bent out of shape? Do you need a trusted technician to complete frame straightening near Indianapolis, IN? If so, you’ll be in great hands at Andy Mohr Collision Center!

Down below, we’ll go more into detail about what frame straightening it is, how our ASE-certified technicians take care of the job, and why it is so important to have your vehicle’s frame straightened and repaired. Let’s get into it.

What iIs Frame Straightening?

When you’ve been in a minor fender bender or a serious accident, your vehicle most likely has incurred some frame damage. This is where frame straightening comes in.

Frame straightening is the process of bending your vehicle’s metal frame back into its original position. Doing so will bring the vehicle back into alignment, and back into a safe driving state.

Frame Straightening by Our ASE-Certified Technicians

When your vehicle is in need of frame straightening, all you have to do is schedule an appointment at our body shop. We recommend you have your vehicle towed to our facility as any vehicle with a bent frame is unsafe to drive.

During your appointment, our technicians will first examine all of the damage on the vehicle and give you a proper rundown of what they need to fix. With your approval, they’ll get to work on the frame.

Our technicians work in a state-of-the-art facility with all the proper tools to fix a vehicle’s frame. Frame straightening cannot be done by human hands; that’s why our techs use computerized tools and frame machines! These machines pull or push the frame to straighten it, depending on the type of damage and frame.

Why Straightening Your Vehicle’s Frame Is Important

Regardless of whether your car incurred frame damage from a low-speed collision or not, any vehicle with frame damage is compromised. This is because your car’s frame is its skeletal system. When a piece of the frame is bent out of shape, this can throw off the vehicle’s integrity, which can cause the vehicle to collapse.

Your vehicle’s frame is designed to ensure you and your precious cargo’s safety. Whenever your car’s crumple zones are triggered, they will weaken and break. Not only are compromised frames more susceptible to underlying damage, but it makes your car unreliable on the roadways.

Overall, having your vehicle’s frame straightened after damage is important because it will protect you as well as it did pre-accident.

Our Other Services

When your vehicle has been involved in an accident, it’s important that you have the entire vehicle examined for any underlying damages or additional issues you may need to have fixed before heading out on the road again.

At our comprehensive body shop, our technicians will perform a thorough examination before beginning any repairs or service. This will help ensure your complete safety once you pull your ride out of the shop. In the event your vehicle needs more service, our technicians can take care of these services:

  • Front-end alignment
  • Body-panel repair
  • Front-bumper replacement
  • Aluminum repair
  • Dent removal and more!

Schedule a Frame Straightening Appointment Today

If you’ve been in an accident recently that has caused minor or major frame damage, schedule a service appointment at Andy Mohr Collision Center near Indianapolis, Indiana, today.

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