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Frame Straightening Bloomington, IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Say you’re driving over to the Indiana University Bloomington campus, and at a stop light, another driver rear ends you. Perhaps the damage crumpled up your back end, or maybe there wasn’t much damage at all. No matter what, though, you may not notice a bent frame right away.

That’s why you want to come to us here at Andy Mohr Collision Center, where we’ll provide you with the care you need to get your frame back in good shape. Our team is here to provide comprehensive frame straightening and repair for Bloomington drivers so you can enjoy the roads to the fullest.

Signs of a Bent Frame

A bent car frame can happen even during low-speed accidents, which is why it’s important to pay attention to the way your car drives after a collision. Some notable signs of a bent frame in your car include:

  • Poor handling
  • Uneven suspension wear
  • Odd noises from the car’s body
  • Car parts don’t sit correctly
  • Frame looks bent upon visual inspection

Frame Bending Services

When you come to visit our collision center near Bloomington, we can take care of any frame bending after an accident. We’ll work carefully to set your car’s frame back into its original position so you can drive comfortably.

Our team is equipped with the proper tools necessary to move your frame back, and we’ll take extra care to get your vehicle’s body back in excellent condition. Just come visit our service technicians, and they’ll be able set you up with an appointment to get started on repairing your car.

Available Car Rentals

Having your car in for repairs can take a bit of time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with your busy lifestyle during that time. Our collision center provides drivers with available car rentals that can keep you going while we repair your vehicle.

Getting equipped with a rental car is easy, too. You just need to meet with us after your car is dropped off, and we’ll find a vehicle that will work with your needs. Then, simply drive the car until we call you when your vehicle is ready.

Towing Services

If your frame is bent, it’s likely you’ve been in an accident that makes it difficult to drive to our collision repair center. Luckily, we have a towing service that will take you straight to our collision center, so we can get to work on your vehicle right away.

Our team works with a local towing company to provide timely and direct towing services near Bloomington that will expedite the process of straightening your frame. Whenever you need a tow, just get in touch with us, and we’ll send someone out who can help.

Schedule Frame Straightening near Bloomington IN

Having a bent frame is common after an accident, and at Andy Mohr Collision Center, we make straightening out your frame easy in the Bloomington area. With our experienced technicians and comprehensive services, we’ll be able to make sure the repair process is nice and smooth.

Are you ready to get your frame straightened? Just schedule a repair with our collision center today!

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