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Dent Repair Indianapolis IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Dent Repair near Indianapolis, IN

Andy Mohr Collision Centers is proud to be a popular resource in the Indianapolis, IN, area for dent repair. We know you’re eager to get your car in great shape again, so our experienced team will work hard to get the necessary repairs done. 

Read on to see all the ways we can help you!

A Team of Experts

If you notice a dent in your car, simply contact our Indianapolis collision center for an estimate. We’ll take the time to inspect your ride for damage, and recommend the best course of action to take to get your car looking good again. 

From paintless dent repairs to parts replacements, our team is well-trained to perform all the repair services your car may need. 

Common Causes of Dents

There are many different ways dents can occur on your vehicle, but the following are some of the most common: 

  • Grocery Carts 

Your car may be impacted when people don’t put their carts back in the proper spot, but unfortunately, it happens a lot. If a strong gust of wind causes the cart to roll away, it can strike your car and leave an unsightly dent. 

  • Car Doors 

When parking in crowded lots, drivers can throw their doors open too quickly and strike your vehicle, leading to a dent. 

  • Severe Weather 

       Hail and heavy winds are common types of severe weather that can lead to damage on your car. 

  • Tree Branches 
    If you park in a lot or driveway that’s lined with trees, occasionally branches will snap loose and can fall onto your car. Dents on the top of your vehicle may be hidden from sight but can still cause significant damage over time. 
  • Road Debris 
    On the road, rocks, peddles, and twigs can kick up and fly into your vehicle. Due to the fast nature of their trajectory, it can cause a dent in your car’s body. 
  • Tight Parking Spaces 
    If you park in a tight area, you can swing your door open too quickly and strike a nearby obstacle. When backing in and out, you may strike an object, leading to damage. 

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, contact us for an estimate to have your car inspected for dents or other damage of any kind. 

Get Back to the Streets of Indianapolis Indiana

As the most populous city in the state of Indiana, Indianapolis is brimming with excitement and adventure. Stop by various destinations to create an unforgettable weekend. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a popular destination since it’s the world’s largest sporting facility. 

With so many attractions in the area, like the White River State Park and Connor Prairie, you won’t want to miss out on a moment of the experience. Contact us today for a dent repair estimate and get your vehicle back to the streets of Indianapolis, IN. 

Schedule Your Dent Repair Estimate in Indianapolis IN Today! 

If your car’s in need of dent repair, give us a call at Andy Mohr Collision Centers to schedule an estimate. We look forward to helping Indianapolis, Indiana, drivers. See you soon! 

Andy Mohr Collision Centers