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Cosmetic Damage Repair Plainfield IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Over the course of your vehicle’s lifespan in Plainfield, IN, you can expect some hiccups. Thankfully, Andy Mohr Collision Centers perform all the services you could need when you’ve been involved in any type of collision, from a simple headlight replacement to a more complex transmission restoration. We can also take care of your cosmetic-damage needs. Cosmetic damage is fairly common on all vehicles.

Has your vehicle incurred cosmetic damage that you’d like to repair? Sounds like you’d be into our cosmetic-damage repair services at one of our convenient Andy Mohr Collision Center locations!

Before you schedule an estimate, read on below.

Cosmetic Damage Repair Plainfield IN

What Is Cosmetic Damage?

Cosmetic damage is any external damage done to your vehicle’s frame, body panels, bumpers, fenders, or glass that does not pose an immediate threat to its operation. This type of damage can look like a lot of things, such as:

  • A chipped or a cracked windshield
  • A dented front bumper
  • A dinged passenger-side door
  • A few scratches on the fender
  • A patch of curb rash on an alloy wheel

Cosmetic damage can be caused by other issues as well, like rocks, road debris, fender benders, parking-lot mishaps, and more. Our team of technicians is ready to heal your car’s aesthetic, no matter the job at hand.

Our Cosmetic Damage Repair Services

If there’s a scratch on the rear bumper or a chip in the windshield, our ASE-certified technicians are ready to tackle the job. With their years of experience, our state-of-the-art facilities, and the industry’s leading tools, we can complete any of the following cosmetic-damage services:

  • Paintless dent repair
  • Auto glass repair
  • Auto scratch repair
  • Dent removal
  • Paint chip repair

What does getting cosmetic damage repair look like at our collision centers? First, you’ll schedule an estimate with us over the phone or online. You’ll bring your car to our collision center nearest you, and we’ll assess the damage. Once we diagnose your ride, we’ll provide you with an estimate for repairs.

Cosmetic Damage Repair Plainfield IN

Should I Have Cosmetic Damage Repaired As Soon As Possible?

As mentioned earlier, cosmetic damage does not pose an immediate threat to your vehicle. However, here are a few reasons you should consider getting that dent pulled out or that cracked windshield replaced sooner rather than later:

  • Underlying damage—Cosmetic damage is primarily on the surface. However, it can cause damage to parts and mechanisms underneath.
  • Repairs help avoid problems down the road—Leaving cosmetic damage unfixed can lead to issues later. For example, auto scratches and paint chips can result in oxidation of your vehicle’s metal frame.
  • Helps save you money—Fixing damage sooner than later can help you avoid costly repairs down the line.
  • Helps keep you out of harm’s way—Unfixed cosmetic damage can dissolve your vehicle’s integrity, which can put your safety at risk on the Plainfield roadways.

Schedule a Cosmetic Damage Estimate Today

We want you to feel confident behind the wheel of your ride while on the Plainfield, Indiana, roads. Schedule an estimate with Andy Mohr Collision Centers today.

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