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Cosmetic Damage Repair Avon IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

The sense of confidence and assurance that comes with driving a sleek and stylish car makes every journey even better. The combination of smooth curves, shiny paint, and head-turning design can make every drive in the Hoosier State something to look forward to. That’s why if your car incurs damage, you’ll want to have it corrected quickly.

If your car needs cosmetic damage repair near Avon, Indiana, our team is ready to help. Our experienced team and their professional-grade equipment will get your ride back in prime shape again. Andy Mohr Collision Center will take care of you and your car so you can head out ready for whatever the road has in store. Contact us today to get started!

What Constitutes Cosmetic Damage?


While you may think the term refers to damage that is merely visible, cosmetic damage for a car means anything that is not linked to the operation of the vehicle. If the engine can run and your car performs smoothly and steadily, then the damage falls under the umbrella of cosmetics.

Cosmetic damage is frequently minor, such as small dents and scratches. Since these are on the exterior of your car rather than the supportive frame inside it, you can rest easier for the time being. Cosmetic damage can include:

  • Dings and minor dents
  • Paint scratches
  • Cracked or chipped glass

The good news is that these kinds of damage to your car are purely visual. You can still drive safely. Getting this fixed will help your ride look great again and prevent them from evolving into more serious issues.

Why Should I Fix Cosmetic Damage to My Car?

Cosmetic damage can be put aside in the short term since it doesn’t immediately impact your car’s performance. When left unattended for long enough, though, cosmetic damage can become more serious. Here are how these types of issues can evolve:

  • Smaller dents can weaken the strength of integrity of the metal, making you more susceptible to larger dents.
  • Cracks in glass can grow over time to the point where they need replacing rather than repair.
  • Deep scratches that wear away the paint leave the car’s metal vulnerable to moisture and rust buildup.

Even though cosmetic damage may not need immediate attention, it is better to have it repaired sooner rather than later. At your convenience, you can request an estimate right here on our website.

How We Perform Cosmetic Repair

Car Paint

Our team specializes in many different kinds of repairs for cosmetic damage. Thanks to their experience and our professional facility, your car will be given the treatment it needs to look its best again. Services include:

  • Paint chip repair
  • Windshield and glass repair
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Alloy wheel repair

By trusting our team with your car, you’ll be one step closer to driving a ride that looks stunning once again.

Schedule Cosmetic Damage Repair near Avon IN

When your car suffers cosmetic damage, it can do more beyond just looking less-than-perfect. Our team will help you get your vehicle back in great shape and ready to take to the streets again. Contact our Andy Mohr Collision Center team for an estimate and schedule your visit today!

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