When you think about how your car or truck handles the pressures of the road, you may or may not know that this is directly associated with the suspension system in your vehicle. This system keeps everything running smoothly, especially when you’re relying on your car for your travels around the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington areas.

At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we offer suspension repair and maintenance services that will allow your vehicle to keep functioning at its optimum level. The suspension has many different components that work together to make it function properly, so keeping all those parts in tune is important. Our team of service professionals can work to diagnose any issues, as well as repair your car to ensure it continues to work properly for your needs.

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What the Suspension System Does

suspension of a car

The suspension of your car is part of the system called the chassis. This system contains everything important underneath your vehicle. The suspension, however, is the part that provides a connection between your shocks and the tires to make your car handle properly.

It’s this system that allows you to accurately handle your vehicle, including maneuvering corners and the way your car handles bumps in the road. The suspension is what allows you to handle potholes and other road imperfections without the car veering off the road or becoming impossible to handle.

How to Tell If You Need Suspension Repair

There are signs and symptoms you may need suspension repair and they range from obvious to harder to detect. Here’s what to look for:

  • Pulling to one side
  • One side or corner seems to sit lower
  • You have a harder time steering your vehicle
  • You feel even the smallest bump in the road

Your Suspension Specialists

suspension service

Our team of body shop mechanics will serve as your suspension specialists. They’ll be able to listen to what you’re experiencing from your vehicle and assist you in diagnosing what may be wrong. It’ll require a quick examination in order to find out if your suspension may not be functioning properly, but our service center is fully equipped to handle any and all repairs.

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At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we’re set up to serve our customers in four different convenient areas, including Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington. We also offer convenient online scheduling, so don’t hesitate to schedule your suspension repair today.

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