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Car Paint Shop Greenwood IN

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When you look your best, you feel it, too. That’s especially true for your car, as driving around in a shiny, clean ride makes your day out even better. If your car has been in an accident or shows other signs of damage, you’ll want to have it repaired soon, both for looks and protection.

At our car paint shop near Greenwood, Indiana, we have the people and tools it takes to get your ride back into great shape. Once you bring your car to our team, you can confidently head out into the Hoosier State looking sharp and driving with peace of mind. Andy Mohr Collision Center will work hard to get your ride ready for action again!

About Chipped Paint

Paint chip

Car paint chips and other blemishes can come from a variety of sources. A stray shopping cart on a windy day, along with other smaller-scale impacts, and tear the paint off the body panels. Stains and foreign substances, like tree sap and bird droppings, can also stick to your paint and peel it away. There are all sorts of things that can damage your car’s paint—it’s a natural occurrence.

A chip in your car’s paint is more than just an eyesore on your ride. The exposed metal beneath the paint chip is then opened up to further threats, as paint is also a protective element of your car. You’ve come across food packaging with seals for protection and freshness—paint does the same for your car.

The Importance of Paint Repair

Once a chip, scratch, or other issue disrupts your paint, the protective layer is broken in the area. That allows moisture from the air to connect with the metal beneath the paint, which causes rust to build up. Rust poses a threat beyond just looking poorly—it can spread beneath and inside of your vehicle, potentially causing harmful rust buildup on vital components and parts.

Both humidity and water from rain and snow can seep into your car and cause the rust to spread, starting at the point where paint is chipped. Rust can weaken the integrity of your car, including its frame. By promptly getting your paint repaired, you’ll save yourself from these much more involved situations.

Car Paint Repair

Car Painting

At the first sign of paint damage and other cosmetic concerns, contact us right away to get your process started. Your car will be in the hands of our professional staff who have loads of experience with paint repairs. Thanks to professional-grade tools and materials, we can restore that protective seal and have it looking good. In most cases, we can even match the shade of the rest of your car for a seamless fix.

Visit Our Car Paint Shop Greenwood IN

Your car’s paint is important for both health and looks, and we’re ready to correct it. When your car needs paint repairs in Greenwood, IN, contact Andy Mohr Collision Center and get your repairs underway!

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