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Car Paint Shop Bloomington, IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Are you in need of a new paint job on your car? Whether your coat is starting to peel or you need to have some work done after an accident, Andy Mohr Collision Center can help. We work hard to get Bloomington drivers back on four wheels and driving in style.

Read more to learn about our car paint shop and what you can find in the town of Bloomington, IN.

Exploring Bloomington IN

Bloomington is a comfortable community offering a youthful atmosphere and beautiful architecture. Home to the Indiana University Bloomington campus, this town is filled with innovative businesses that cater to the college lifestyle.

Come down to the Irish Lion Restaurant & Pub where you can enjoy cozy pub favorites in a lively venue. However, when you’re driving around Bloomington, you want to make sure your car has a nice coat of paint, and our car paint shop can help.

A Look at Our Paint Services

Over the life of your car, paint can gradually wear down, leaving your vehicle with a more worn-out appearance. When this happens, it can be nice to give your vehicle a fresh coat to keep it looking nice and clean.

Perhaps you’ve been in a collision and your vehicle needs some body work. Luckily, adding a new layer of paint will help make that body work complete. When we’re done with any repairs to the car, we can have it looking its best with our paint services

Plus, our wide selection of paints will allow us to make sure you get just the right color. Our team will have your vehicle all properly decorated, so it looks stylish on the road. Whether you need a touch-up or a full repainting, we’re ready to provide you with expert care.

We’re happy to provide Bloomington drivers with a car paint shop they can rely on for their body work needs. We’ll take great care of your car, so you can get right back to cruising around town inside the car you love.

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Our Service Team

At our collision center, we work to get you back on the road with the car that you care about. We know that drivers are attached to their vehicles, so our technicians take great care to make sure your car looks good after an accident.

We’ll even supply you with special services to help you get a rental vehicle while your car is in the shop. When you work with us, we’ll make sure that your schedule isn’t disrupted by your vehicle getting any body work done.

Visit Our Car Paint Shop near Bloomington IN

After a collision, you want to make sure that your car looks like it did before the accident. We can help you with that with our car paint shop in the Bloomington area. If you’re looking to give your car a fresh look, schedule an appointment online or over the phone today with Andy Mohr Collision Center.

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