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Car Paint Chip Repair Plainfield IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

When your car looks its best, you’ll drive confidently as your sleek and shiny ride turns heads wherever you go. If you notice a blemish on your ride, it will affect that feeling of certainty, and you’ll want to correct it right away. Your car’s paint is among the most important parts of its appearance and continued protection.

Our team is ready to assist if your vehicle needs car paint chip repair near Plainfield, Indiana. Thanks to our crew members’ extensive experience and state-of-the-art tools, our facility is prepared to take care of your car’s paint needs. Andy Mohr Collision Center is committed to getting your vehicle back in shape so you can drive cool and confident again!

Why Is My Paint Chipped?

Car Paint

Paint chips and damage can come from various sources, though the results are often similar. A chip in the paint is different from a typical scrape or scratch; it looks closer to a flake that popped off your car.

The most common cause of paint chips is after a collision. Any impact can cause your paint to chip away, such as fender benders or rogue shopping carts blown across the parking lot. The force can make your paint wrinkle before chipping away.

Paint chips can also come from the environment in general. Tree sap and bird droppings that become stuck to your car often end up taking bits of paint with them when not washed promptly. Your paint can also be weakened by intense weather, including the harsh UV rays of summer and chilling cold winter winds.

What Do Paint Chips Do?

The obvious effect of paint chips is cosmetic. It’s a noticeable imperfection that makes your car look less than perfect. There are even more concerns that come with paint chips, though, and they concern the health and performance of your vehicle.

Besides making your car look great, paint also adds a protective seal around your vehicle. This protection from the elements makes the paint an essential part of your car. It’s similar to a coat on a day with snow in the forecast. Without that protection, it opens up your vehicle to more problems.

The metal exposed by a paint chip is exposed to humidity, moisture, and more from the outside world. This results in rust building up on your car, which can continue spreading. Rust can extend underneath your paint and reach essential components and parts, affecting your car’s performance and overall health.

Schedule Car Paint Chip Repair Plainfield IN

When your car has experienced chips in its paint, act fast and contact us right away. Our team of experts will match your vehicle’s color and reform the protective layer, preventing further issues before they happen. The sooner you contact us, the better.

Our friendly team is ready to get your car back in shape. We’ll take good care of your ride so you can cruise through Plainfield, IN, in a stylish model again. Contact our Andy Mohr Collision Center team and schedule your appointment today!

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