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Bumper damage is common in busy cities like Indianapolis, IN. A bumper is usually the first part of your vehicle that meets an obstacle or other vehicle in the event of a collision. If your bumper is damaged and you think it might need replacing, contact the experts at Andy Mohr Collision Center.

We’ll take a look at the damage before preparing a plan for repair and keep you updated during the whole process. Learn more about getting a bumper replacement with our team below.

When Should I Replace My Bumper?

Replace My Bumper

After your bumper has been damaged, you should get to a collision center or body shop as soon as possible and get it replaced. If it was damaged in a collision, we are happy to work with your auto insurance company to get the repairs completed as fast as possible.

We also replace and repair bumpers that have been damaged in other ways besides a vehicle collision. Whether you meant to reverse but drove forward instead and collided with a tree or a hailstorm left your bumper battered, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to get your car looking like new.

What If I Don’t Get My Bumper Fixed?

It’s ultimately up to you if you want to get your bumper replaced. As this piece, either in the front or back, doesn’t impact the mechanical functioning of your vehicle, you might wonder if you should even get it repaired—especially if it’s not covered by your auto insurer.

While you don’t mind the cosmetic damage on your vehicle, a broken bumper can impact your safety and the function of the mechanical components that it covers. Without a front bumper covering importing vehicle systems, dirt, debris, and water can get on and inside of those parts and begin causing damage.

Likewise, the back bumper protects the metallic parts under it from rust, corrosion, and potential damage from road debris.

Plus, bumpers absorb the energy of collisions, no matter how minor, reducing impact and keeping you safe. So, if you don’t replace your bumper, you’ll have reduced safety while driving.

Our Collision Center Menu

Collision Center Menu

We have factory-trained technicians that are specially trained to replace your bumper and do a quality job on any other body damage. By using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, we ensure that your bumper fits seamlessly and matches the exact color of your vehicle.

Your dedicated technicians will examine your bumper when you first come in to determine if a replacement is necessary. Sometimes, dent or scratch repair might be a better option. In either case, we will let you know our repair plan and provide you with an estimate.

If you would like the get your vehicle detailed after your service, we can thoroughly clean your interior and remove stains as well as vacuum or wash your upholstery.

Get Your Bumper Replaced Today in Indianapolis, IN

Schedule a bumper replacement with a professional team at Andy Mohr Collision Center. Whether you need a full replacement or will be good to go with some minor repairs, we’ve got you covered so that you can keep driving around Indianapolis, Indiana.  

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