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Body Panel Repair Indianapolis IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

When your car is looking its best, every drive comes with that extra boost in confidence. So, when an accident occurs and it makes your car look less than perfect, you’ll want to get it repaired right away. A proper fix is even more important considering that a bent panel can impact performance as well.

If your car needs body panel repair near Indianapolis, Indiana, our team of experts is here to help. We provide comprehensive collision repair services every day to get cars, like yours, back in shape for the road. Andy Mohr Collision Center has the staff and tools to restore your ride to its former glory at our state-of-the-art facility.

More About Body Panel Repair

Your car is built with various body panels that all connect together to form the sleek frame you know and love. That helps with repairs as individual pieces can be fixed or even replaced on their own. Your hood, trunk, doors, bumpers, and many other pieces are all separated to make repairs easier for you.

When your car is involved in a collision, the damage can be localized to just one of these pieces. Whether it’s a simple paintless dent repair or something more involved, our technicians can fix it more quickly, thanks to the separate panels. If the damage is severe enough, a genuine original equipment manufacturer part made for your specific model can replace the damaged one.

To Repair or Replace, That is the Question

The level of damage and the location on your car where it took place both factor into body panel repair. Some panels are easier to repair than others depending on what is behind the metal. You can learn more about what to expect based on where your damage is.

Your doors, for example, have lots of electronic parts within them. Your locks, window controls, and more are all operated by mechanisms beneath the panel. This makes doors eligible for replacement rather than repair if there is a strong enough impact.

Damage to the hood or bumpers can be more easily repaired. It’s easier to get in and perform services, like dent repair, with these spots. Ultimately, our service professionals will determine what your car needs based on their extensive experience. They’ll use cutting-edge tools to give your car the fix or the part replacement it needs to look its best.

Body Frame Repair
Car door dent repair

Our Other Collision Services

Sometimes, you’ll come across damage in more areas of your car. Our collision center is ready to handle whatever other concerns you bring to us. We offer collision services, like rim damage, undercarriage repair, alignment, paint repair, and more.

You can easily get your estimate online and prepare for your visit with us. Simply describe the damage and upload some pictures, and we’ll get back to you with your next steps!

Get Body Panel Repair Indianapolis IN

Once your car’s body is back in shape, you can drive in Indianapolis, Indiana, with confidence and style again. Contact us at Andy Mohr Collision Center and get your process underway today!

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