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Auto Scratch Repair Plainfield IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Auto Scratch Repair Plainfield IN

Auto Scratch Repair Plainfield IN

Some things in life are inevitable. Scratches and scrapes happen frequently, no matter how careful you are, but staying on top of these accidents can keep your car looking great. If you need auto scratch repair in Plainfield, IN, our Andy Mohr Collision Center will help restore your car to its original condition using our state-of-the-art facilities.

Each of our certified technicians uses extensive knowledge and experience to remove scratches, scrapes, dents, and more from your favorite car. We understand the nuances of daily driving, and we work to give you more reasons to love driving around the Hoosier State.

With over six decades of service to Indiana drivers, our dedication to high-quality work and outstanding customer experience positions them as your ideal body shop. Schedule an appointment today.

Clear-Coat Scratches

Clear-coat scratches often appear as thin, swirl-like imperfections marring the glossy top layer of your car’s paint. While less severe than paint scratches, they nonetheless demand care. Overlooking clear-coat scratches risks dulling your vehicle’s polish and shine.

When you bring your car in for auto scratch repair, our technicians use buffing and polishing techniques to return the car’s lost luster.

Paint Scratches

Whether inflicted by wayward shopping carts or unruly tree branches, paint scratches blemish your vehicle’s outermost finish. Telltale signs of paint scratches involve the visibility of a different color (usually your primer) at the scratch site.

These deeper abrasions demand a meticulous process, from cleaning and sanding to matching your car’s original paint color for flawless restoration.

Primer Scratches

Deeper primer scratches expose the bare metal beneath the paint, making your car vulnerable to rust. Left unaddressed, rust expands and may damage the structural integrity of your vehicle. These are usually the most noticeable scratches found on cars, as the rust is often in easy-to-spot locations.

Primer scratches warrant swift action. Our repair center uses sophisticated repair methods to halt the corrosive spread and seamlessly repaint the affected area.

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Our Scratch Repair Services

From minor scuffs to more intense repair work, our comprehensive collision and body shop boasts an impressive spectrum of auto scratch repair services. Some of the cutting-edge equipment and trained technicians meticulously repair include:

  • Minor Scratch Removal: Specialized compounds and expert applications make most light scratches disappear.
  • Touch-Up Paint Services: In-house paint mixing capabilities guarantee a seamless match to your vehicle’s color.
  • Multi-Layer Restoration: Addressing more extensive damage, we execute sanding, primer, and color-matched painting procedures with an impeccable finish.

Schedule Auto Scratch Repair Today

Don’t navigate Indianan roads with scratches diminishing your car’s sparkle. Andy Mohr Collision Center recognizes your vehicle is an investment, and scratches compromise both its appearance and value. Whenever you need auto scratch repair near Plainfield, IN, we’re here to help.

Get a personalized estimate today. We’ll assess the damage and recommend the ideal treatment plan for your car’s restoration. Before you know it, you’ll be driving around with the joy of the car you fell in love with.

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