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Auto Glass Repair Fishers IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Auto Glass Repair Fishers IN

A clear path of vision is essential to staying safe while driving. So, naturally, if your windshield incurs some sort of crack or chip when jetting around Fishers, IN, it’s imperative to find an auto glass repair shop nearby. 

Andy Mohr Collision Centers are just a short drive away. We offer all the automotive repairs you’ll need over the years and boast a hardworking team to assist with your every need. 

Auto Glass Service for Fishers Drivers

Cracked Windowshield

We’ve all gotten a chip in our windshield from time to time. All it really takes is an errant stone on a highway or back road to hit our windshield and cause a tiny nick. While a little chip may seem like nothing, in extreme temperatures or from the natural wear of time, it can easily expand into a big crack. Before your windshield gets bad, it’s best to seek out auto glass repair in the Fishers, IN, area. 

The Dangers of Driving with Broken Glass

Cracks and chips aren’t just eyesores. They’re real hazards, and the bigger they are, the more costly the repair can be. Additionally, the following issues can arise if you choose to drive with broken glass: 

  • Loss of structural integrity: When a windshield is intact, it helps transfer force from a frontal impact down into the chassis. With a shattered or cracked windshield, the force of impact may cause the windshield to break completely. 
  • Greater risk of injury: Broken glass has the ability to seriously injure you or your passengers. Especially if glass were to fracture during an accident, major injuries can occur. 
  • Greater risk of ejection: If there’s damage to your windshield and your seat belt isn’t fastened at the time of impact, then you run the risk of ejection. 
  • Ineffective airbag deployment: Windshields are an essential part of proper deployment for the passenger-side airbag. Therefore, significant damage can cause the airbag to inflate through any openings in the windshield, leading to loss of protection for the passenger next to you. 

Our Technicians Have You Covered

Paintless Dent Repair

At our collision centers 5, we live and breathe repair. Not only do we have a state-of-the-art facility, but it’s well-stocked with all the latest tools and parts as well. 

Our ASE-certified technicians have everything they need to get the job done for you, even if that job is a particularly big one. In addition to auto glass repair, we also take care of numerous other repair services, including: 

  • Paintless dent repair 
  • Auto frame repair 
  • Car detailing 

The Benefits of OEM Glass

At our repair center, we utilize genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass to guarantee a high level of quality and care. But how does OEM glass benefit you? 

One of the main ways OEM glass is better than aftermarket components is that it’s built to exactly match your specific make, model, and trim level. This means there’s no guesswork when it comes to finding the right part for your auto glass repair. 

Additionally, OEM glass tends to be more durable and able to withstand more extreme conditions, so you’ll be making an investment you can feel confident about. 

Our Auto Glass Repair Estimates

Auto Glass Repair Fishers IN

If you have damage to your windshield or windows, give us a call today. A member of our team will take the time to look over your vehicle and provide an honest and accurate estimate. If you like, you may also get estimates from other auto glass repair shops for comparison, but keep in mind we utilize genuine OEM glass.  

If the estimate looks good to you, we’ll go ahead and schedule an appointment as well. We also provide solutions for more minor damage, so you may not have to get an entire windshield or glass replacement. 

Either way, one of our highly trained technicians will perform any repair services your vehicle may need in a timely manner, helping you get back to the streets of Fishers, IN, quicker. 

Life in Fishers Indiana

In the heart of Hamilton County, IN, you’ll find plenty of small towns. However, Fishers stands out as being one of the quaintest. 

It’s the home of Conner Prairie, a living history museum meant to show locals life in a far simpler time. Though, to be honest, Fishers, IN, is a rather simple and relaxed place to begin with. 

As you’re heading to the prairie or to Harrison Thompson Park for a bit of outdoor fun, you may have to trek some rough roads. 

If any of these paths leave a lasting mark on your windshield, just visit our auto glass repair center outside Fishers, Indiana. 

Schedule Auto Glass Replacement Today

At our Fishers, IN, area collision centers, auto glass repair is just one of the many repairs we offer. However, it’s also one of our simplest and a job we intend to complete as quickly as possible. 

Scheduling an estimate at Andy Mohr Collision Center is easy. All you have to do is contact us online or over the phone. 

Schedule Your Auto Glass Replacement Today

At our Fishers, IN, area collision center, auto glass repair is just one of the many services that we offer. However, it’s also one of our simplest and a job we intend to complete as quickly as possible.

Scheduling work at Andy Mohr Collision Center is easy. All you have to do is contact us online or over the phone. Schedule your auto glass repair now!

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