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Auto Frame Repair Speedway IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Have you recently been involved in an accident or collision that threw your vehicle’s frame out of shape? It sounds like you could use auto frame repair!

At Andy Mohr Collision Centers near Speedway, IN, we have a team of technicians that can get your vehicle’s frame back into its natural position. To learn more about our services, types of auto frame damage, and how you can tell you have auto frame damage, continue reading below.

Types of Auto Frame Damage

When you’ve been in a collision, you’ve most likely incurred minor to serious frame damage. In some instances, this damage may not be visible on the exterior of the vehicle; however, this does not mean it’s not hidden underneath. Regardless of whether it is physically detectable or not, you may have one or more of these common types of frame damage…

  • Sagging frame: If your vehicle’s frame is sagging, you’ll most likely notice some gaping in the body of the car. Leaving this damage unrepaired can put extra stress on the tires and suspension, which can cause them to wear faster.
  • Twisted frame: Have you noticed that your car feels unstable when driving at high speeds or taking turns? This may be an indication that your frame is twisted. Because this damage is often harder to spot, you’ll need one of our technicians to perform an assessment.
  • Sway damage: This type of damage is caused by something hitting any corner of your vehicle, and it is identified by a leaning frame. You’ll most likely experience vehicle alignment issues and vibrations.
  • Mashed frame: Head-on or rear-end collisions often cause a mashed frame to occur. If there are any deformities or crumpling to the hood, fenders, or rails, your vehicle has most likely sustained this damage with the possibilities of other aforementioned frame damage as well.

To help us fix your vehicle, schedule an estimate with us. One of our technicians will assess your vehicle to see what type of damage you have.

Signs You Have Auto Frame Damage

While most frame damage can be seen on the exterior of your vehicle via dents, bulges, or bends, there are other ways to tell your vehicle’s frame is damaged:

  • Drastically altered alignment.
  • Unnaturally positioned suspension components.
  • Ill-fitting components.
  • Irregular tire wear.

Have you been experiencing any of these issues or noticing any abnormal handling or wear and tear? Schedule an estimate with us as soon as possible.

Our Auto Frame Repair Services

Now that you know what signs you can look for when your vehicle’s frame is bent out of shape and what kind of damage you may have, let’s discuss how our ASE-certified technicians can mend the bend.

In our collision centers, we offer any post-collision services your vehicle may need to be fully repaired after an accident, such as:

  • Fender bender repair
  • Body panel repair
  • Frame straightening
  • Aluminum repair
  • Dent removal
  • Transmission restoration

Before we get started on any repairs or replacements, you will be provided with an estimate by an estimator on our staff.

Schedule Auto Frame Repair Today

If your vehicle’s frame is damaged, don’t wait! Schedule an estimate with us at Andy Mohr Collision Centers near Speedway, Indiana. We’ll be on standby.

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