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Auto Frame Repair Fishers, IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

If you live in the Fishers area, you’ve probably taken in some of the rugged local sights. Fort Harrison State Park and the Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve are excellent spots for a hike or picnic. However, getting there could put a bit of wear and tear on your car. 

If you find that your vehicle sustains any major damage, you may be in search of auto frame repair near the Fishers, IN, area. Fortunately, Andy Mohr Collision Centers is here to take care of all your repair needs. 

About Auto Frame Repair

The framework of a car is everything. So much more than just an element of design, it’s the very thing that holds all the important vehicle components together. So, when it’s damaged, your car’s performance will suffer for it. As a matter of fact, a car with a damaged frame may not run at all. 

At our collision centers, we offer some of the most reliable auto frame repair near Fishers, IN. Whether the job is something small—just a few dents to hammer out—or something far larger, such as a complete overhaul, our team is happy to take care of things for you. 

Top Mechanics in Fishers, IN

The certified technicians at our collision centers have years of experience under their belts. They’ve seen a wide range of car damage, and odds are there’s not much you could throw at them that would surprise them. 

Of course, it helps that they’re equipped with the latest tools, as well as genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and accessories. When you pair that with our state-of-the-art facilities, they really have everything they need. 

Scheduling an appointment with them is easy, too. It’s as simple as getting in touch online or over the phone. 

Comprehensive Repairs 

Auto frame repairs are a big part of what we offer to Fishers, IN, drivers. However, you’ll find plenty of other repairs here at our collision centers. These are just a couple of them: 

  • Auto Glass Repair: If your car’s frame seems to be holding up well but the windshield has a crack or chip in it, just give us a call. Addressing these flaws early can save you a lot of trouble later. 
  • Car Detailing: Once your car is fixed up, you may be interested in a detail to help it look spiffy. Our team can handle these cosmetic jobs just as easily. 

We can also recommend a towing service to help you if needed. 

Schedule Estimate for Auto Frame Repair in Fishers Today 

There are more than a few collision centers around town. However, few have the good reputation for auto frame repair that our Fishers, IN, area collision centers do. 


Given the seriousness of auto frame damage, there’s no reason to delay if your car incurs some. Instead, call the Andy Mohr Collision Centers team. Schedule your auto frame repair today! 


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