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Auto Frame Repair Columbus IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

There’s a special feeling of confidence that comes with looking your best. Just like when you get yourself ready to go out for a night on the town, you’ll get the same feeling when your car is stunning and sleek to the eye. When that appearance is altered, you’ll want to have it fixed back up, so you feel like yourself out on the road.

If your vehicle is in need of auto frame repair near Columbus, Indiana, you can trust our team to get the job done. They have the professional tools and expansive training required to have your ride back in shape. Our team at Andy Mohr Collision Centers is ready to make your car an eye-drawing machine on the road again. 

What Is an Auto Frame?

Auto Frame Repair in Columbus, IN

The frame of your car is the building block that brings the rest of the vehicle together. You can think of the frame as your vehicle’s skeleton- it’s what gives the vehicle its shape and holds it together as its foundation. Frames are engineered to exact specifications by the manufacturers, and any alteration can affect the rest of the car.

If your car has been involved in an accident, it’s likely that the frame has taken damage. The effects of an impact can even be under the surface and unseen by the naked eye. If the frame has taken damage, it should be repaired as soon as possible to ensure you’re safe during your drive.

A Look at Frame Repair

As the name suggests, frame repair involves giving necessary fixes to your car’s frame after a collision misshapes it. Frame repair restores your car to the specifications that the manufacturer set for it. You can think of it as bending something dislocated back into place.

Frame repair is important for the overall health of your car. When the frame is properly aligned, your car is able to support the weight of the many other parts that make up your car. A warped frame can throw off the weight distribution of your car, which will affect its performance.

How Is Frame Repair Performed?

Auto Frame Repair in Columbus, IN

Since your car’s frame is so intricate and specific, it’s important to make sure it is put back into place properly. That requires expertise and high-quality tools to be completed.

Heavy-duty machines are at the heart of auto frame repair. These hydraulic devices exert thousands of pounds of force to push, pull, bend, and manipulate the car’s frame into its intended shape. It’s a process that’s both delicate and intense, which is exactly what your car needs.

Our team members have seen it all when it comes to collisions. They’ve been trained in frame repair to get your car back in great shape. Thanks to their experience, our team is your go-to for auto repairs.

Get Auto Frame Repair Columbus IN

If your car has been involved in a collision in Columbus, IN, we’ll get you ready to hit the road stylishly again. Contact us at Andy Mohr Collision Centers and schedule an estimate today!

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