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Auto Frame Repair Avon IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

You put in the time and effort to make sure your car is always ready for more action. Cleaning the exterior, having routine maintenance performed, and getting it inspected all help to ensure that every drive is as smooth as you’ve come to expect. When a sudden change happens to your ride, you’ll want to have it fixed and looking its best again.

If you’re in need of auto frame repair near Avon, Indiana, we’re here to give you the expert help you need. Thanks to the extensive training and experience with repairing different vehicles, our team is prepared to assist you with your ride. Andy Mohr Collision Centers is your go-to source for professional work that has your car looking its best once again.

Auto Frame Repair Avon, IN | Andy Mohr Collision Centers

About Your Car’s Frame

The frame is the base for your entire vehicle. You can think of it as the skeleton of your car, as it forms the shape and form that the rest of the vehicle takes. Frames are engineered by manufacturers to hold up your ride for its intended performance.

As the foundation of your car, the frame plays an essential role. That means any harm and warping to it from a collision can be hazardous to the rest of your vehicle. Any major collision has a fair chance of resulting in frame damage. The frame damage itself may be underneath the surface, requiring an expert to inspect it.

Why Do I Need Frame Repair?

Since the frame is the building block that the rest of your car is based on, it can cause further issues when it is out of alignment. Its design from the manufacturer is specific for its overall quality.

When damaged, the frame could lead to incorrect weight distribution throughout the vehicle. This results in increased tire wear, difficulty controlling your ride, and other critical issues. It can also leave areas of your car weakened and at greater risk of damage should another accident occur.

As the foundation of your vehicle, fixing your frame should be a top priority. Having it inspected by professionals will ensure your ride gets the help it needs, which is exactly what our team is here for.

How Frame Repair Works

Auto Frame Repair Avon, IN | Andy Mohr Collision Centers

The metal frame is built to last, which means it’s made with durability in mind. If this material is damaged, it will take a massive undertaking to correct it. Our collision repair center is prepared for whatever condition your frame is in.

Hydraulic machines are used to manipulate the car’s frame back into its intended shape. Pushing, pulling, and bending the frame back into shape is the first step to getting your car looking its best and being ready for the road again. Our team has lots of experience with all forms of auto repair, and they’ll make sure the job is done right.

Get Auto Frame Repair Avon IN

If your car’s frame is damaged in Avon, IN, our team is ready to get it back in shape. Contact us at Andy Mohr Collision Centers and schedule your estimate today!

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