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Auto Alignment Speedway IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

You and your trusted set of wheels have gone through mile after mile of fun adventures all throughout the Hoosier State. You’ve come to expect a smooth performance from your car so that you can continue making those trips confidently. That’s why if something feels off while you’re controlling the wheel, it’s best to have the professionals take care of you and your car.

If your ride needs auto alignment near Speedway, Indiana, our expert crew is ready to take care of you. Our state-of-the-art service center, combined with our team’s countless hours of experience, makes us your preferred destination to give your ride the care it needs. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we have what it takes to get you and your vehicle back in road-ready shape!

More About Auto Alignment

Rim Repair

In terms of your car, alignment refers to your wheels and tires. All four of your tires are made to work in perfect sync together, reaching the ground at an even angle and point. Properly aligned wheels help share the load of the car evenly for an optimal drive.

When one or more tires are out of alignment (resting too high, for example), your car’s suspension is the key. By adjusting the suspension, a professional can correct any awkward angles that the tire is positioned in and have all wheels match to distribute the vehicle’s weight evenly.

Having your car realigned regularly is key maintenance, though your tires can become out of alignment after striking a pothole, hopping a curb, and more. Knowing when your car requires alignment will help you in the long run.

Signs I Need Auto Alignment

close up  of Tires on side of road

The beginning of misalignment can start as an inconvenience, though over time, it can lead to more serious and lasting damage. Here’s how you can be alert and aware when it comes to your car’s alignment:

  • Vibration: If you feel a shaking coming from your steering wheel as you drive, misalignment is a probable cause.
  • Off-center steering wheel: Your steering wheel should be in a neutral position for your car to go straight. If you need to turn it to stay steady, contact us for alignment services.
  • Tire wear: Properly rotated tires should display even tread wear. If one tire seems to be wearing down more rapidly than the others, it is likely taking more weight due to an alignment issue.
  • Pulling to the side: A classic sign that your car needs realignment is unintended drifting to the left or right. If you anticipate going straight but are going to the side, contact us for alignment services.

These symptoms are thankfully easy to notice on your own. Once you do, it’s easy to set up an appointment with us right away to keep your car in good shape.

Getting Auto Alignment

Most times, sudden changes in auto alignment come after a collision. The impact can warp and bend parts, including those that dictate your wheel alignment. If you’ve recently been in a collision, our team is ready to assist you. Contact us to receive an estimate online.

Schedule Auto Alignment Speedway IN Today

Once our crew gets your car realigned, you can head out into Speedway, IN, with peace of mind again. Contact us at Andy Mohr Collision Center to get your repair process started today!

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