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Auto Alignment Greenwood IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Safety and performance are at the heart of a great ride, and should be a top priority for your next adventure. Every time you take the wheel, you expect it to drive smoothly and reliably. If that were to ever change, you’d want to get it taken care of by professionals as soon as possible.

We offer auto alignment near Greenwood, Indiana, to keep your journey going with confidence. Thanks to the extensive experience of our staff and professional grade tools, we have what it takes to align your wheels, so you can continue to your next road trip with peace of mind. Our team at Andy Mohr Collision Center will make sure your car is in excellent condition for your next epic adventure.

What Is Auto Alignment?

Car Alignment

Alignment refers to your tires and wheels. Specifically, it involves working on the suspension system that holds your wheels. When a technician performs a wheel alignment, they are actually adjusting the suspension, so that the tires meet the ground evenly. Misalignment means that one or more tires are connecting to the ground unevenly or at an awkward angle.

Signs I Need Auto Alignment

When your wheels and tires are misaligned, it could potentially lead to future damage that is more serious to your vehicle. If you come across any of these warning signs, contact our service center and we’ll help get you back on track.

  • Uneven tire wear: With routine tire rotations, your tires should wear evenly. If there is a drastic difference in your tires’ treads, they may be out of alignment.
  • Pulling to left or right: When you expect to travel straight and end up going to one side, it’s a sure sign that a tire is out of alignment.
  • Off center steering wheel: Likewise, if your steering wheel needs to be turned to one side to go straight, a tire is out of alignment. Your car is designed to go straight when your wheel is in a neutral position.
  • Steering wheel vibration: There are multiple reasons why your steering wheel could shake while you’re driving, and wheel alignment is one of them.

By knowing these symptoms of tire-alignment issues, you can know what kind of service your car needs and when it needs it.

When Do I Need Auto Alignment?

Your car may require an alignment after a major collision. The impact could throw off the balance and position of your wheels, resulting in decreased performance. We offer a variety of services for post-collision vehicles that get them ready for the next drive again.

Additionally, it’s wise to get routine tire alignments, just like with other upkeep, like oil changes and brake service. A certified technician can look to see if your vehicle is in need of an alignment. Whenever you get a tire rotation, ask about an alignment check. Typically, this would be needed about twice a year.

Get Auto Alignment Greenwood IN

Make sure your next drive in Greenwood, IN, is smooth and confident by visiting our state-of-the-art collision center. Contact Andy Mohr Collision Center and schedule your visit today.

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