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REstart Your Fitness at Studio RE

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Posted: August 14, 2020

Fitness Studio

Feel like you want to REfresh your workout? Then you need the right fitness studio to help take you there. Studio RE is a barre studio looking to REalign, REdefine, and REnew your daily workout with core strengthening exercise and a positive mindset.

Come see what this fitness center has in store for you with their Anna Newcomb Method. This new way of working out is ideal for all fitness levels and can help you build a  stronger and healthier version of yourself.

How Can You REvamp Your Exercise Routine?

Group Fitness

The dedicated team at Studio RE believes that fitness is a personal journey, therefore they customize your workout experience to your specific needs. Their instructors are there to make you feel comfortable while still challenging you to push further and reach all of your wellness goals. One of the best ways they achieve this is through their innovative Anna Newcomb Method.

This special method is focused on strengthening your natural spine for perfect posture and a stronger core as well as the surrounding major muscle groups. Your spine is the base of your body and with a healthier posture you can have a healthier life.

With this type of instruction, you’ll be employing isotonic and isometric movements designed to fatigue muscles, helping to tone them. These 45-minute classes begin with Core360 to target your abdominals, so if you’re looking to transform your body consider how the Anna Newcomb Method can help you.

REinvigorate Your Workout Today!

At Studio RE, their team understands that adapting to new fitness habits meets a lot of fluctuation, so they will be by your side to constantly adapt your training and your goals. The want to make fitness a part of your lifestyle with workouts designed for a healthier life and stronger natural spine for easier and stronger everyday movement.

Follow Studio RE on Facebook today to see videos of the Anna Newcomb Method in action and give them a call if you’re interested in learning even more about how they can help you craft a better, healthier you.

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