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Dogs have helped people with a wide number of things but above all else they have been loyal companions. Enter Paws & Think, this organization specializes in training and providing therapy dogs to offer emotional care to people in need.

To find out more about how this organization helps people find the comfort of companionship, keep on reading today!

What is Paws & Think?

Therapy Dog Paws & Think is a community outreach program which focuses on providing people in need with the companionship only dogs can provide. This all-volunteer organization is dedicated to providing comfort to people who need it most by training dogs to provide therapeutic care.

This organization hosts events which aim to provide people in at-risk situations with dogs that can listen to them. They even offer programs like the Youth-Canine Program which pairs at-risk youth with a shelter dog to teach social and leadership skills. Best of all, this program serves as a great way to get dogs adopted through training and social exposure.

Who’s Helped by Therapy Dogs?

Paws & Think helps with a wide number of groups but most commonly they work with at risk youth. The program Paws to Read introduces children to therapy dogs who offer a non-judgmental environment for children with poor reading skills to read out loud. This is a great opportunity for children to feel comfortable while improving their reading skills.

Therapy Dog TrainingTherapy dogs can also be a huge help for people dealing with the loss of a loved one. Oftentimes people who need the comfort of physical affection feel better after spending time with a dog with a comforting presence.

Finally, this organization often brings therapy dogs to visit seniors or incarcerated people to provide companionship. Paws & Think does great work in helping at-risk people dealing with loneliness.

Volunteer for Paws & Think

Dogs do a lot of great work to improve people’s lives and Paws & Think is an organization dedicated to helping bring the companionship dogs provide to those who need it most. Best of all, people like you can lend a hand as well thanks to their available volunteer opportunities. Why not look into volunteering with Paws & Think today!