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Community Spotlight: Grissom Air Museum

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Posted: February 10, 2020

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For over 100 years, humans have a proud history of taking to the skies. With so many historic aircraft at the Grissom Air Museum, you can tour the history of America’s Air Force. If you have any interest in learning about the technology behind our aircraft through the ages, learn more about this museum today!

History of the Grissom Air Reserve Base

The Grissom Air Museum is proud to present some of the incredible work being done at the Grissom Air Reserve Base. This facility has proudly stood as an Air Force Reserve base since 1994 where they showcase the technology behind this branch of the military.

Today, visitors can enjoy guided tours at the Grissom Air Museum that give them a deep look into how planes have progressed over the many decades. There are all sorts of excellent planes available from historic fighters and bombers to some of the impressive military cargo planes. If you have any interest in the Air Force and the technology that helps them every day, this is the museum for you.

Available Exhibits

There are all sorts of planes available to see firsthand here at Grissom Air Museum. You can look at planes like the A-10A Thunderbolt II, which has served the US Military since 1981 and remains in service even today.

To see how the Air Force tests out their planes, you can even see a B-58 “Texas Hustler” Rocket Sled. This vehicle was designed to simulate the acceleration of planes at high speeds. Thanks to this device, the Air Force has been able to develop better ejection seats to ensure the safety of pilots.

Finally, you can take a tour of an actual guard tower to get a firsthand look at the experiences of soldiers on patrol. You’ll be shown the various devices that guards have used to ensure they alert bases in case of danger.

Book Your Tour Today!

Whether you’re fascinated by military history or you want to enjoy some of the many events that happen on the base, Grissom Air Museum is full of fantastic exhibits to see for yourself. If you want to get started learning all about the various aircraft used by the military, book your tour today!

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