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The Healing Power of Brooke’s Place

Andy Mohr Collision Center Blog

Posted: March 9, 2020

Since their creation, Brooke’s Place has aimed to transform grief into hope for children, teens, young adults, and their families in Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington. Through their support groups, camps, and therapy young people will feel supported and heard, setting them up for a healthier adulthood. Interested in learning more about this organization? Read on as we guide you through their supportive mission.

Their Mission: Supporting Children Through Challenging Times

Children and teens grieve differently than adults—sometimes they’re experiencing their first loss, or they may be too young to fully understand the tragedy. Without the proper support and assistance, grief can have a negative impact on a child as they enter adulthood. 20 years ago, Brooke’s Place was established to ensure every child gets the help they need during one of the hardest parts of their life.

With their programs, children will learn how to honor their loves one through peer support groups or individualized counseling sessions. Well-trained professionals will help children recognize, express, and embrace their thoughts, emotions, and questions in a healthy way inside of a confidential and safe atmosphere.

Get Involved!

Since they opened in 1999, Brooke’s Place has helped over 19,000 young people and their families heal and their excited to continue their mission with your help and support. They are always looking for program volunteers, group coordinators, as well as trained specialists and would be happy to have you on their team.

Brooke’s Place also holds many community events allowing you to participate in their mission and have fun doing so! Events like Hope Fore Tomorrow gets you outside with a golf outing while a volunteer information session will help answer all your questions and show you more about what this organization stands for.

Learn More About Brooke’s Place Today!

Connect with Brooke’s Place on Facebook today to learn more about their organization as a whole as well as their exciting events! Reach out to a member of their team if you’re interested in becoming a part of their mission or want to enroll your child or team in one of their programs.

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