Auto Insurance

When you have to file an insurance claim, it typically means that something has happened to your primary mode of transportation. Perhaps you were involved in a collision with another vehicle or maybe some act of nature caused damage to your vehicle in the Bloomington, Fishers, Indianapolis, or Plainfield areas. At Andy Mohr Collision Center,… Read More

Shattered Windshield

As drivers, we do our best to protect our windshield, but considering how often you’re behind the wheel, your windshield may be vulnerable to any number of dangers. It can get cracked or chipped anytime or anywhere, no matter if you're traveling through Bloomington, Plainfield, Indianapolis, or Fishers. The question is, will car insurance cover… Read More

paying deductible

We all know that in order to drive, you need more than just a license and a car. You need car insurance, too, to secure yours and your vehicle’s protection in the event of a car accident or some other unexpected road incident. As they shop around, Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers may have… Read More

paying deductible

Picture it, you’re driving to work in the morning in the Bloomington, Fishers, Indianapolis, or Plainfield area and you go to take a sip of your coffee right as the light changes and the person in front of you comes to a dead stop. Unless you’ve got cat-like reflexes, you run the risk of hitting… Read More

Everyone wants to avoid getting into a car accident. From your safety to the financial side of it, it’s a lot to handle. If you need medical attention afterwards, it’s natural to wonder, does health insurance cover accidents? Andy Mohr Collision Center examines that for you to help drivers in Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington know… Read More