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Car Towing Services Indianapolis, IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

When your vehicle breaks down on I-465, I-70, or another road around Indianapolis, dialing up a professional car towing service is paramount. Your vehicle may be out of commission for the time being, but getting touch with local towing company ensures that it won’t be for long!

The next time you’re in need of car towing services in the greater Indianapolis region, you’ll be glad to know that you have a speedy team of towing partners at Wheeler’s Towing ready to deploy immediately. Learn more about how we service Indianapolis and the additional services we offer below.

We offer towing through Wheelers Towing:
2325 W. Michigan St., Indianapolis, IN 46222

Call for a Tow

Top-Notch Towing & Collision Services

When you need a tow, timing is of the essence. We will get you in contact with our recommended towing partners so you can get your vehicle off the road and into our body shop as soon as possible for service.

Where to next? Well, that’s up to you. If your vehicle needs body work or a new battery, you can count on our ASE-Certified technicians back at our collision center nearest you to take the best care of your vehicle and apply the work required with the utmost precision.

If your car’s going to be in the shop for a while, we’ll help you out by connecting you with a rental car to drive in the meantime. Take a closer look at some of the areas in which our collision repair technicians excel:

  • Paint-less dent repair—a cost-effective way to reverse scratches, scuffs, and minor dents without having to reapply paint.
  • Auto glass repair—from a crack to your windshield to a blown-out window, we specialize in the quick and quality repair and installation of your car’s glass surfaces.
  • OEM parts only—genuine parts made by your vehicle’s manufacturer, always. 
  • Limited lifetime warranty—providing peace of mind on work conducted by our technicians on your vehicle.

About Indianapolis IN

As the most densely populated city in Indiana, Indianapolis has an endless list of attractions, museums, and restaurants you’ll want to check out. From ziplining through the tree tops at Eagle Creek Park to watching stockcars zoom around the legendary Indy 500 track, there’s opportunities for every type of thrill seeker.

There’s also, of course, many ways to relax, reflect, and learn, like exploring the Indiana State Museum or taking a Segway tour around White River State Park.

Something that can throw a wrench in your plans? Your car breaking down or getting into an accident on the road. Luckily, our car towing companies serving Indianapolis are here to get your car towed safely, repaired if necessary, and back to all of the fun that Indy has in store.

Who Can Tow My Car in Indianapolis?

If your vehicle is malfunctioning on your drive and you suspect a problem, pull over to the side of the road—out of the flow of traffic, if possible, and activate your hazard lights. Then, give our team at Andy Mohr Collision Center a call and we will get you in touch with Wheeler’s Towing.

Andy Mohr Collision Centers