For our drivers in the Fishers, Plainfield, Indianapolis, and Bloomington areas, your car deserves the best you can give it, and that includes not ignoring a spot where rust has the opportunity to develop. Rust can invade your car and slowly, but eventually, take it over with its corrosiveness. Don’t let it.

Instead of letting your car develop a damaging rust issue, bring it to us and let us fix it. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we can repair any rust spots before they advance and have the opportunity to damage your car.

What Is Rust? What Causes It?

Rust is—plain and simple—what happens when you expose metal to water. The process is actually referred to as oxidation and it can happen when the air and water come together and create a chemical reaction with traces of iron. There are a couple causes, but the most common are living in a coastal area and small chips in your paint finish that allow rust to permeate.

How Rust Can Damage Your Car

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There are several ways in which rust can damage your vehicle, but here are the top three:

  • Body Damage – Obviously, the corrosive nature of rust can eat away at the body of your vehicle, causing damage along the way.
  • Engine Damage – Many manufacturers install drains to ensure that parts of the car, like the engine, don’t get wet. However, if these drains become clogged or stop working altogether, you run the risk of your engine becoming rusted.
  • Frame Damage – Today’s automakers have made an effort to prevent the undercarriage of your vehicle from becoming susceptible to rust, but its not foolproof and sometimes rust is allowed to get into the frame of your vehicle. As your frame is the foundation of your car, you can understand how nasty this condition can become.

Rust Repair Near Me

Not only do we offer rust repair service to help your car, but we also offer services in several convenient locations. Check out where we have collision centers to serve you!

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Indianapolis, IN

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Schedule Your Rust Service and More

Find the location of the Andy Mohr Collision Center that is convenient to you, whether that’s Indianapolis, Plainfield, Fishers, or Bloomington, and schedule an appointment today. You can make your appointment over the phone or schedule it online from the convenience of your own home. Let us take care of your rust and so much more.

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