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Part of car ownership is the amount of time you spend in there. Many of us eat, drink, and practically live in our vehicles, so we end up accumulating a lot of the products of our days. While you can easily pick up discarded straw papers or your coffee stirrers, but all the gravel dust you pick up from parking lots or grime from the city streets of the Fishers area, tends to accumulate.

However, there’s a great solution to rid your vehicle of the dirt that has a way of building up over the years of car ownership. Car detailing provides a dramatic solution to all your car cleaning needs. We can get to areas that the vacuum at the car wash can’t reach, thus offering you a level of clean you’ve never experience since the day you bought your vehicle.

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What Does Detailing Entail?

Car Detailing near Fishers IN

Essentially, car detailing means we go through your car with a fine-toothed comb to remove every speck of dirt and dust that have accumulated over the course of your ownership. Basically, we perform several cleaning services that will take your car back to the day you bought it, smell and all.

Not only can we fix anything that may have happened with the interior of your vehicle, but we can also make small cosmetic repairs to the exterior of your car, truck, or SUV as well. Whether you’re looking to repair scratches, dents, dings, or something else, we can help.

Our Car Detailing Service

All of our service technicians are factory trained and ASE certified, so they’re well versed in making repairs to your particular vehicle, both make and model. They can handle the other facets of auto detailing like glass repair and paint free dent services.

Trust us to take care of your vehicle like its our own and restore it to its former glory. We can give your car the appearance that its brand new by giving the interior an intensive cleaning that will remove any evidence of quick drive thru meals and trips to the beach, although we’ll leave the memories intact.

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When you’re ready to get your vehicle restored to its former status, then call us or go online to schedule an auto detailing appointment with us. We’ll fix everything up in your car and get you back on the road in Fishers in no time. Let our service techs at Andy Mohr Collision Center take care of everything your car may need.

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