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Auto Refinishing Indianapolis IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

On the day you first got the keys to your car, you were drawn to its luster and style. Paint that shines, angles and curves that draw the eye, and parts that all came together to form an attractive package that got you excited to drive. Whether time has taken its toll on your ride, or it’s been involved in an accident, you’ll want to get it back in shape.

With our state-of-the-art service center, we’re ready to get your car back in road-ready condition. We’ll give you the auto refinishing near Indianapolis, Indiana, that your car needs. Our team of experts at Andy Mohr Collision Center have plenty of experience getting all sorts of vehicles back in great condition, making us your preferred destination for auto services.

What Is the Purpose of Auto Refinishing?

Every car comes off the factory line looking great with luster and an aura of excellent quality. Your ride first came to you with that freshness on full display. As time marches on, though, your car’s exterior will gradually be placed under stress.

Light wear and tear are a natural part of driving and can come in a variety of forms. The more you drive, the more stress you put your car through. As you rack up the miles, your car will be exposed to dirt, dust, small rocks and debris, rain, harsh UV rays, and much more out in the world. These can create gradual damage over a long period of time.

Light Wear and Tear at a Glance

The gradual damage from general use can cause several different blemishes on your car. For example, small dings and dents can add up to become more noticeable, paint can chip away, curb rash can scrape at your rims, and scrapes can peel at your panels.

As these happen, your car will eventually be put at risk. You can think of the car’s finish as a protective layer. When body panels are dented, they are weakened and open to more severe damage.

Paint also acts as a guard against the elements. When chipped, it exposes the metal underneath to the air, allowing rust to form over time. Even your rims have a protective coating on them to keep your wheels healthy.

These can come naturally with regular driving. When they do, come to our expert team and we’ll get you sorted out.

The Auto Refinishing Process

Like the name implies, auto refinishing involves performing those final touches again. By repairing dents, resealing protective layers, touching up paint, and more, your car will be restored to full health again. This helps protect your car for your next adventure and makes it look good again.

Our experts use cutting-edge tools to give your car the refinishing it deserves. We’ll get each part of your ride refreshed and prepared for the next several years of fun trips in the Hoosier State.

Schedule Auto Refinishing Indianapolis IN

You can look and feel your best in Indianapolis, IN, when you get auto refinishing for your ride. Contact us at Andy Mohr Collision Center and schedule your visit today!

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